Worst of Weeks, Best of Weeks


The worst: Well, we won’t go into all that here. But we’ve had plenty of fodder for soul-searching the last little while or so. We expect we’re not alone in that, and we also are close to folks who are going through far, far harder times. Maybe we’ll learn something from it all and go on to higher understanding, a more upright life, and great accomplishments. OK–we’s take the understanding, anyway, and maybe some of the rest will follow.

The best: We took a car-camping trip last week, our first in years. Completed an unplanned and somewhat haphazard circuit that happened to encompass the watersheds of the Tuolumne and Mokelumne rivers (the former is impounded by a series of dams and shipped by aqueduct to San Francisco and some suburbs; the latter is dammed and shipped to the East Bay). Some pictures–forgive the redundancies–are on Flickr: Car Camping, August 2010.

Above: Part of the Great Bayshore Viaduct, aka Overpass World. Shot this morning; color manipulated afterward because we needed to do a little experimentation.

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