Ankle Biters, You’ve Been Warned

oaklandfox082410a.jpgAt the Fox Oakland last night, before the Bob Dylan show. Do these folks follow Dylan around, or do they just look for likely rock shows with large gatherings of the soon-to-be-damned? I’m taken by the lists of people who face condemnation in this crowd’s book–a curious collection of life-style misdemeanants (“sports nuts”), other Christians (“Catholics”), even non-humans (“vomit-eating dogs”). And homosexuals, of course. And ankle biters. Ankle biters?

The sign below promises Jesus will destroy “unforgiving liars … effeminate revilers … deceitful adulterers” and so on and so forth. Does that mean Christ will look the other way for liars who forgive, manly revilers, and up-front adulterers?


4 Replies to “Ankle Biters, You’ve Been Warned”

  1. That’s gotta be the work of Artsy-Fartsy Filmmakers (with a hidden camera) or Pretentious Performance Artists. I predict Jesus ranks them even below M—–bators.

  2. It *was* a great concert.
    It occurred to me looking at the pictures that maybe this was performance art. But there was an edge to it, an edge you’d recognize from strolling across Sproul Plaza at noon, that seemed not put on. I didn’t mention the guy wearing the “Perverts Repent” T-shirt and shouting out lessons from his bible.

  3. So you think these are street performers? Fartsy-artsies or Jesus-jerks they are annoying and, I suppose, performers of some ilk. Fear God, but above all…fear.

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