Berkeley Trashcan Battle, Round 2


Though I’m spending the week in Seattle, an informant alerts me that the simmering hyperlocal brouhaha over trash receptacles on the sidewalk in the 1500 block of McGee Avenue (just north of Cedar) appears to have entered a new phase. The disgruntled and anonymous resident who recently offered a neighborly chiding to those who had failed to remove their garbage cans from the sidewalk after trash pickup — see “Berkeley: Your Absolutely Free Advice of the Week” — has upped the ante. He or she has now duct-taping an official-looking notice informing them that they’re in violation of city ordinances.

On the off-chance that the person who’s posting these notices reads this (it’s a long shot): I’d love to talk to you about the history of your grievance. Send me an email or leave me a comment.

2 Replies to “Berkeley Trashcan Battle, Round 2”

  1. Luckily it’s Berkeley. If it was in the land of “stand your ground” this offense would be up there with texting in a movie theater during “previews of coming attractions.”

  2. Yeah, John, that’s true. The sequel is that one of the residents targeted for this attention actually seems to have moved his/her trash receptacles off the streets.

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