Curbside Eclipse


This morning’s lunar eclipse, shot across the roof of a house across the street. Not many this morning trod the frosty street, to paraphrase Dylan Thomas, but when Kate and I went out to watch, about 6 o’clock, we heard voices of a couple of neighbors down the block. So we had a small viewing party, five of of us in all plus The Dog, conducted (for me) without the intervention of caffeine. Now we’re back indoors, the sun’s coming up, and I’m going back to bed.

Here’s the slideshow, with good shots and bad and a few that put the one above in neighborhood context:

3 Replies to “Curbside Eclipse”

  1. Nice photo…You got the good red! The NASA website has a cool video explanation of how the red occurs during a lunar eclipse. There’s a great (full?) moon tonight here in NYC. Also, Orion is right next to the Moon…pretty dramatic looking. Well, my idea of dramatic at least.

  2. Thanks, Marie. … JB: We happened to be out for a walk when the moon peeked out over the top of the hills. We stayed and watched it rise clear of the ridge. Amazing how fast it (we) are actually moving.

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