Day at the Beach

Below: a slideshow of an afternoon up at Point Reyes (on the Pierce Point Road and at Kehoe Beach, to be more specific). It was utterly gorgeous on the strand, which looked like you could walk it all day and never reach the end. (And by way of explanation, we went out there with our neighbors and friends, Jill and Piero Martinucci, who you see in some of the pictures.)

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  1. Great pictures. I love Point Reyes, one of the most beautiful places in the country. Some years ago I walked most of the way out to the point with none other than Pop Brekke. He was in his late sixties at the time and decided to turn back early rather than make the (eight or so mile) round-trip. But he did alright that day. I’ll get out there again soon.

  2. John, we were headed out to Pierce Point Ranch, where you start that hike you’re talking about, but it was a no-go because we had the dog with us and none are allowed in the tule elk area. You and I walked out there at least once, and I remember going all the way to the very end with you on a beautiful clear day. It’s probably my Number One place to take out-of-town visitors; we took Ann and Dan on a part-way hike when they were out here in 2008.
    I remember that hike you took with Dad. Wasn’t that at Christmas time one year? 1989, maybe?

  3. Yes, 1989 or so. I was going all the way to the end of the point. Dad went back with somebody (maybe Dawn) at the halfway point. I continued on out to the end. I do indeed recall going out to the point with you way back when. How far is that walk? I think it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been, this side of Australia.

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