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From a walk this afternoon up to the top of Virginia Street. This is at the dead of Hilgard Avenue, above La Vereda Road. The turkeys–I hear tell they can be mean.

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  1. When I think of Armenian Americans I think of George Deukmejian. Dead or alive? Alive, a quick search reveals. Meanwhile, searching also reveals the below table of Armenian American population by city, purportedly from the 2000 census. WTF with Glendale — that’s a quarter of the population?
    1. Los Angeles 64,997
    2. Glendale 53,840
    3. Burbank 8,312
    4. Fresno 6,024
    5. Pasadena 4,400
    6. Montebello 2,736
    7. San Francisco 2,528
    8. Altadena 2,134
    9. San Diego 1,839
    10. La Crescenta-Montrose 1,382
    11. San Jose 1,197

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