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Here’s an odd recent arrival, thanks to our letter carrier (the one we used to have a cordial relationship with before we got a dog, but that’s another story). The county health department wants us to know how to fend off the avian flu epidemic (sorry–pandemic) that was coming last year. Thanks, county health department. Inside the pictured folder (with its weird “up, up with people” logo) is a fold-out sheet with helpful information like the frequencies of the local emergency broadcast stations, addresses of hospitals, and reminders to wash your hands.

On the long list of things I worry about, the avian flu is pretty low–way behind my concern over George W. Bush being able to launch a nuclear weapon, for instance.

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2 Replies to “From the Mailbox”

  1. My normally soul-less corporate overlords are extremely concerned with the possibility of the Upcoming Avian Flu Pandemic. About every 9 months we have to go through some presentation put together by the Corporate Lawyers. To hear them tell it, we’ll be eating our dead within weeks.
    Wait — the Lawyers are in charge of this stuff?

  2. We got a similar one recently in Santa Clara County. I can’t recall the logo on the front, but I can guarantee that it was not as good as yours. Why are those people jumping on a dead apple?
    Anyway, I’d rather see an earthquake prep guide in my mailbox.

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