Waiting for FROPA


Just after midnight, and it’s been raining since around noon. The forecast discussion has been saying all day that the rain will slacken after “the front” goes through, and all day long that moment — frontal passage, or FROPA in forecaster speak — has been predicted for about midnight.

What kind of front? Well, they’re hardly ever specific in the discussion; in that very cool map above — click for the larger versions — we’ve got a cold front depicted to the south and an occluded front passing over us. What’s an occluded front? This page at the University of Illinois shows a combination of fronts nearly identical to what we have over us right now.

Anyway, I just got back in from my late-night walk with The Dog, and it was just drizzling; we were out for about half an hour, and a few times the drizzle dwindled to nothing. Maybe that was FROPA

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