1st Annual Berkeley International Auto Show


Parked outside Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School last night, while some (undoubtedly politically enlightened) community event was going on in the auditorium. I’ve seen this car around, but have never found myself driving behind it. I love the fact the owner/driver has left flyers on the windshield (the picture below is an excerpt). When you read the pitch, this really doesn’t seem like a bad option for an around-town runabout (“around town” in Berkeley means an area of about four miles (north to south) and a couple miles west (the bay shore) to east (the hills).

[And if you’re interested in this machine, it’s made by Global Electric Motorcars of Fargo, North Dakota. When I was at Wired, we ran a long feature on Dan Sturges, the guy who developed the vehicle that became the GEM.]


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  1. I love this err…car. Top end is 35 mph (slower on hills) and it looks like the only vehicle on the road in danger of being crushed by a Ford Fiesta. But joking aside, it would be useful, because people do a lot of driving close to home. Keep the SUV in reserve to do the real driving.

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