Halloween Interrogative

Asking the tough questions:

How did we go from this …


… to this?


Maybe Berkeley is the last place Halloween has turned into pre-Christmas; maybe it’s the first; or maybe it’s in between. But it was striking this year how many folks had their houses decorated for weeks with Halloween trimmings.

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2 Replies to “Halloween Interrogative”

  1. Yep. The trend began some years ago, but this year the decorations just went crazy. Niko and I went for a stroll the other evening. As we walked, he said, “It’s nice to take a walk in the evening and look at all the Halloween lights.” Not to Christmastime levels, but closing fast….

  2. Na…Berkeley has NOTHING on the East Bay Burbs (think San Ramon) or Ross in Marin CO. In fact, every year Shady Lane in Ross gets together to basically host Halloween for the little buggers. The houses aren’t just decorated they are staffed with actors, musicians and multi-media displays usually based on some theme or another. The candy pickings aren’t so great, (although one house serves kid cider and decidedly adult punch *wink*) but it’s a feast for the eyes if you go in for that sort of thing. In fact, it’s such a big deal, the local Fire Dept drives down the street chucking candy at revelers.
    The amazing thing is, the trend doesn’t convert at Christmas. The street is nearly dark once Halloween passes.

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