Spring for a Day

Cheese Board pizza on Shattuck AvenueWednesday looked like we were in the middle of a season that would never stop. Rainy and cool and not to be complained about but still: Since when did we decide to live in Sitka? Something was different today from sunrise: First, that you could see the sun when it rose. And then the day warmed and warmed, and you could hardly believe a day like today was possible after a day like yesterday. Up in the low 70s here and in most of the Bay Area. Kate and I went for a lunch time walk up on the northern end of Shattuck Avenue. Here’s a development the parallels the rise of the pizza business at the neighborhood’s venerable Cheese Board (it’s a cheese shop and bakery): People are buying pies and taking them out to the narrow, uncommodious little median strip for picnics. I count seven groups of diners in the pictures, some with pizza boxes in plain sight, some exhibiting tell-tale pizza-eating behavior. Even though it’s not a high-speed street, the traffic’s a little too close for my comfort. On the other hand, maybe this is the first step toward a street shutdown.

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  1. I have been having the same weather phenomena, and I live quite north of you (in Oregon). I’m loving the warming, though. I just hope it stays.

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