View of the Buttes

I’ve been away. Friday — getting ready for a bike ride. Saturday on a ride that lasted 24 hours, into Easter morning. Easter, sleeping; and eating. Today, tax day.

More about the ride later, but just one glimpse of what we took in on a route that went from the shore of San Francisco Bay up into the Central Valley, then across to the Sacramento River and tributaries to the very edge of the eastern foothills, then back to the lowlands in Davis. These are the Sutter Buttes, an isolated pocket of dead volcanic peaks that rise (the tallest is about 2,300 feet, I think) right in the middle of the valley. Since they’re surrounded by table-flat terrain for at least 30 miles in every direction, you can see them a long way off, they always look different depending on the light, and they always make an impression. Here, they were about 20 miles from where I was, just east of the town of Williams.


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  1. Hey, that’s a very nice thing to say. Pictures are a
    mixed blessing, though: I hardly ever think the the
    image stacks up against the real thing. I’ve gotten in
    the habit of taking a little digital camera
    everywhere, but I think of it as more of a form of
    visual note-taking than anything.

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