Bay Region Scorches Under Cloudless Skies

Gosh — Infospigot has been on walkabout this week. Yeah, that’s what it is — Walkabout Week. After my reiterative weather plaints of recent weeks, I think it’s time to report that spring — the season that showed up for a day last week — has turned in a longer appearance this week. It’s been warm and sunny everywhere, and the Chronicle shifted gears from wet-weather coverage today to report on its front page that we’re about to suffer the ravages of a prolific pollen season. I promise that unless we have a rapid-forming glacier in the Berkeley Hills, a Category Two williwaw, or some similarly traumatic event that this will be the last weather news for the season (barring popular demand for more, of course). In the meantime, a reminder of the nearly departed monsoon: Up in the soaked hills, small streams are gushing down the street under clear skies. As below, on La Loma Avenue near Buena Vista Way:


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