Odd to Even

For some of you (hi, Eamon and Sakura!), it’s New Year’s already. For others — the Brooklyn and Chicago Brekke crews and assorted friends and acquaintances — it’s coming soon. And then we’ll cross into the new year on the soggy coast, too. In lieu of something a deeper or more reflective — and because Kate and I are scurrying around trying to clean up the house before guests arrive two or three hours from now — thanks for reading and communing in 2005, and I hope all of you have a great ’06. The things we have to look forward to:

–An Italian Olympics.

–Only 1,100-some days until this W. is forced to vacate the people’s mansion.

–With the Red Sox and White Sox having broken their World Series jinxes, 2006 has got to be the Cubs’s year (just don’t’ bet on it).

4 Replies to “Odd to Even”

  1. Happy New Year from…Gotham! I spoke to Pop tonight. He was in good form. Talk to you soon. Cheers…..

  2. Hello from the Future! Well even in Berkeley its been the New Year for a couple hours now so I guess that’s not true. I missed my chance at speaking through time. Anyway, here we are in Japan coming to the end of the first day of 2006. Came home today from Sakura’s parents’ house where we went yesterday morning. With the relatively new train line (August of 2005) it is a pretty quick trip up there. For the New Year we ate soba noodles at one of the few restaurants still open yesterday. Things are mostly still closed today but unfortunately the obnoxiously loud El Torito across from our apartment took no break. Wishing you all the best in the upcoming year!

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