Zeta (and Epsilon)

Amazing what happens when you’re paying attention to your own weather: “Tropical Storm Zeta Forms in Atlantic.”

OK, this storm will just be a footnote, since it is forecast to blow itself out in just a couple of days. But Zeta gets notice as the 27th Atlantic/Caribbean/Gulf of Mexico tropical cyclone this year. The AP story I link to above also conveys news that somehow evaded my very keenly tuned radar (either that, or I slept through it): the passage of Hurricane Epsilon earlier this month. Hi, Epsilon; bye, Epsilon.

For hurricane trivia junkies, Zeta is not the latest tropical cyclone on record. The National Hurricane Center says that distinction belongs to 1954’s Hurricane Alice II — yes, there were two hurricanes Alice that year — which spun up in the Atlantic on New Year’s Eve.

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