We’ve Got Lights


Thom and I put up our outside lights this afternoon. The process featured a tangled extension cord — Thom undid it, using mysterious skills he learned in the Sea Scouts — and my mostly silent concern that in my 50-plus clumsiness gravity would get the better of me, I’d pitch off the roof and wind up as a 1-column, 2-inch item in a local daily as a seasonal casualty. I’m still here, and noting the concern, so the worst didn’t come to pass. In fact, it only took us about half an hour to hang the strings, and everything was lit up by dusk.

Now we’re set till that day after the first of the year when the ladder comes out and I go back aloft to take the lights down.

2 Replies to “We’ve Got Lights”

  1. 50+ clumsiness + Howard Lehman= oddly kitsch faux Santa Claus chimney w/”Help!” sign protruding from same.
    He did it with Glen(!) as his helper when winter was winter (e.g., before the days of global warming). Is the mild Bay Area climate making “yous” soft?
    Photo looks great. Wish we were there. I know what you mean about the light. You spend your whole lifetime looking at something and then realize it is all about the light. That, too me explains the nature of so much in art, visual, written, musical, the works. Later.

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