If you noticed something different about the blog earlier: Typepad, the paid service that hosts this here site, had a major service outage starting late Thursday night. I didn’t notice until I tried and failed to post something around midnight. A side effect of the outage: The service was forced to rely on a five-day old backup version of hosted blogs, so the most recent visible posts were from last Saturday.

If you’re reading this, the service is back to normal. And if you didn’t notice anything missing in the first place: As you were.

2 Replies to “Whither?”

  1. Oh, I noticed. But, caught myself before going into full panic mode at the thought of losing Infospigot when I checked the Typepad status page. Welcome back.

  2. I noticed it as well. This flaw also showed up on Tjilpi (our Aussie friend),so it seems as though it was fairly widespread. Glad to see you’re back in business.

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