Birthday Weekend: (April) Fool on the Trail


Friday, April Fool’s Day: Day 1 of Birthday weekend, on Big Springs Trail in Tilden Regional Park, high above Berkeley’s urban jungle. The advertised weather for the day had been for a bit of a cool-off after several days of increasingly warm and beautiful days that led to record temperatures in many locations on Thursday. But when The Dog and I hit the trail, the day was warm-plus; not oppressive, but hot in the full sun. The hills are at their best right now: green, grasses profuse, lots of wildflowers, water seeping from hillside springs due to recent heavy rains (as a media type, I know it’ll be a matter of days or a week or two until someone says that this summer/fall fire season could be particularly intense because of the thick spring foliage).

Quarry Trail, Tilden Regional Park


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2 Responses to Birthday Weekend: (April) Fool on the Trail

  1. jb

    It is so beautiful and green there. It looks like New Zealand or somewhere in Ireland.

  2. Dan

    And then in three months most of that green will be that “golden” California color that everyone talks about.

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