Anniversaries Not in the News

The house in the woods. 2018.

This is a mini-post that would likely fit in a tweet, but: Sitting here, back at work after a week off, it occurred to me that this Friday is June 10. And June 10 is an important family date: It’s the fifty-sixth anniversary of my last day in sixth grade at Talala Elementary in Park Forest — that’s tah-LAH-lah, for those wanting a pronouncer — and of the day we moved into the new house Mom and Dad had built in the woods just outside town. And strange to say: Though I lived there for just a decade, that house and those woods felt and still feel like the place I grew up, the place I’d inhabit if somehow I traveled back in time to “home.”

2 Replies to “Anniversaries Not in the News”

  1. Lots of fond memories of that house and your family. Including your mom taking a book from the shelf and telling me I should read Erik Erikson. Typically for me, I’ve remembered the suggestion all these years but have never gotten around to doing the reading.

    1. Dan, that is so like Mom to have made that suggestion. She was a real reader and was always looking for someone with whom to share her discoveries. I pretty much rebelled against her recommendations, though I did read “Catcher in the Rye” when she bought it for me. And some other stuff, too. Anyway — that house had its moments, and living out in the woods was a real gift in a bunch of different ways.

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