Friday Night Crane


A crane at the Port of Oakland’s Charles P. Howard Terminal, just west of the Jack London Square Ferry dock. We had just gotten off the boat after a roundtrip to San Francisco. I didn’t expect to capture Orion, but there it (or he) is at the upper left. The bright star to the right is Venus, with the Pleiades dimly visible in the background. At bottom right is the stern of the Potomac, FDR’s presidential yacht, which fetched up in the port after a colorful history involving Elvis Presley, drug runners, and the U.S. Customs Service.

2 Replies to “Friday Night Crane”

  1. Great photo. Orion jumps right out at you. Is that Jupiter on the lower right side of the picture?

  2. John — yeah, I think that’s Jupiter in the lower right. Also, Aldebaran is the bright star in the center, between Venus and Orion (if you look at a larger version of the picture you can see the “V” of Taurus there).

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