Moonlight, Self-Portrait


The International Space Station was advertised to make a two-minute pass to the southwest and south tonight. When it showed up, it was actually visible for close to five minutes. I tried to take time exposures of it tracking across the sky, but those didn’t pan out. There was enough moonlight, though, to play with a long exposure of my shadow on the sidewalk.

2 Replies to “Moonlight, Self-Portrait”

  1. nice photo…Are you watching the developing scene of Venus and Jupiter?
    Also: There is a rare transit of the sun by Venus on June 6
    We had dinner tonight with Eamon, Sakura, Ann and Ingrid.

  2. John–we’ve had a series of brilliantly clear nights, and the narrowing distance between Venus and Jupiter has been pretty dramatic. Was nice watching the moon move through the picture over the last week, too.
    You know, that whole transit thing is very cool. I remember it came up in the book “Longitude” — observations were made in the 18th century as part of the effort to refine longitudinal navigation. Also, observing the transit had been proposed as a way of precisely determining the distance to the sun. Wikipedia has an OK article on it here:

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