Further Greetings from the Friday NIght Ferry


Kate and I drove down to Jack London Square for the last Friday night ferry of the year. A low sky, with the cloud ceiling down around the tops of the Bay Bridge suspension towers. Somehow, that made the usual port light show even more intense than (or maybe just different from) usual. Among several ships working in the Port of Oakland tonight, Yang Ming’s YM Great, which arrived this morning is scheduled to sail tomorrow morning.

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  1. John: This one was with the Casio; the boat was moving at a pretty good clip, and I guess I did a sort of an accidental pan to get the words “Yang Ming” relatively clearly (the ship name at the bow is not more blurred by comparison). I didn’t try to shoot with the iPhone until we were docked a few minutes later. I was kind of impressed by how that shot came out: http://t.co/b3AFzgCU

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