Some North Berkeley Flatlands Luminaria History

Berkeley Luminaria 2010

It’s almost that time again: Christmas Eve, the night of nights in our humble 99 percent neighborhood, where we express solidarity with all who celebrate light at this dark end of the year with–what? Paper bags, sand, and candles, also known as luminaria, luminaries, farolitos, and many other names that I am sure exist but have not yet come to my notice. Our one-night fete is the 24th, and this year will be the 20th time the neighbors here have gotten together to do this. Here are some posts from years past:

Berkeley Luminaria: 2010 Edition

‘Always on Christmas Night …’

Luminaria Rainout
Happy Last of the Year

Luminaria 2007

Luminaria Streets
Hot Xmas Eve Bag Action

Luminaria ’05: Pregame Report
Luminaria ’05: First-Half Action
Luminaria ’05: Second Half, Game Summary
Luminaria ’05: Maps

Blogging the Luminaria

Morning-After Disassembly Line


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  1. Dan, thanks for this — it is great to have all of this in one place. It’s fun reading through the recent history of the luminaria event. See you tonight. -Dave

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