Old Business

1. Anniversary week: This here blog turned eight years old (56 if it was a dog blog) on Tuesday, the 22nd. I was thinking of writing a post on the Top 10 Things I Have Learned blogging, and maybe I still will. For now I’ll just say thanks to the happy few regular readers out there.

2. A falcon makes it home: A while back I pointed to a site that was following a site that was following a peregrine falcon on her migration from Canada’s Baffin Island to the central coast of Chile. The update: She’s made it home.

3. Aftermath of apartment house fire at Telegraph and Haste in Berkeley: There’s been some good follow-up coverage:

Daily Californian: Open letter to mayor from tenants displaced by fire
Berkeleyside: The Sequoia Building: At heart of Berkeley’s rich heritage
Berkeleyside: Friday’s fire another ‘hit in the face’ for Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley Daily Planet: Sequoia fire investigation ongoing

4. Happy Thanksgiving: Well, that’s not old business. And if you’re still facing that cooking thing, some advice:

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