In keeping it simple, we got up late after a late night getting ready for our day off. Got up late, but we were both up at dawn to check in on work stuff before turning in. Then we walked the dog, phoned friends (including Pete, who

se birthday is today), didn’t call other people we were thinking about and would have loved to talk to (hello, Oakland, Campbell, Chicago, Brooklyn), then got ready to go out.

In keeping it simple, we reconnoitered a little and figured we’d drive south to see monarch butterflies. After we stopped to look at some warm jackets. After a warm jacked was looked at and purchased, we decided that the remaining daylight would best be spent driving a shorter distance, north to the upper reaches of a creek that flows down off Mount Tamalpais in Marin County.

So we did that–keeping it simple. Once up on the mountain and out in the woods, we walked until it was nearly dark, then drove up and over a high ridge that drops down toward the Pacific. On the way down, we could see lights, and once we made sense of them we realized we were watching dozens of crab boats working offshore into the night. We descended down to the water’s edge, then down the shore to Stinson Beach, where we stopped and ate and left the dog in the car.

After a mess of plates and some locally caught crab (in cake form), we came home. Then I looked at all the pictures I took, and you crashed early–another busy day tomorrow.

A simple day, twenty-five years to that day we married, and one I could do over and over.

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