5 Replies to “Rosy-Fingered Black Friday”

  1. Hey, the moon turned upside down. Or maybe we did. Anyway, beautiful sky photo, Dan. Love the pinkness.
    I went shopping on Black Friday. Once. I soon found myself being churned between round racks of clothes that were placed way to close together. I abandoned my mom, my sister, and my two little girls and went out to the car where I cherished every minute of solitude in the bitter, bitter cold. That was in Matteson, Illinois, of all places. Never again.

  2. If that was Matteson, that was probably Lincoln Mall, the mall that killed the mall in my hometown nearby (the Park Forest Plaza). And now Lincoln Mall is pretty comatose, from what I hear–meaning the Black Friday fun is happening somewhere else.

  3. Same as Marie, I did Black Friday once. It was a long, long time ago. I had the day off but didn’t know Black Friday was a thing. I almost ran out of gas circling the lot looking for a place to park. This was the largest shopping mall in New Orleans at the time (Katrina wiped it out). People leave the malls with gobs of stuff on Black Friday but I have no idea how. After about 2 hours trying to buy a single bottle of perfume for my sister at the store that carried it exclusively, I had to get out of there. I think I could have bought a house faster.

  4. Rob, that sounds like pretty much every holiday shopping trip I’ve ever taken. At some point I managed to get over the feeling that every trip had to result in a purchase of some kind. That’s made it easier to deal with when I do go out there.

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