Journal of Self-Promotion

I’m filling in as morning assignment editor at KQED Radio News–that in addition to my usual duty as PM news editor. So yesterday, someone mentioned that a member of the Assembly from Berkeley was holding a press conference. She wanted to talk about how online retailers who are not required to collect sales tax are affecting local business. Her particular interest, besides the fate of constituents: She had sponsored a bill to start collecting sales tax from Web retailers who have relationships with affiliates in California–people who advertise for the retailers and send business their way in return for a fee. Anyway, we live a mile from where the press conference was being held, and I had a recording kit at home, so I ran over and covered the event. I wrote one story for another reporter to read yesterday afternoon, and another that I recorded for air this morning. You can find it here: Get ready for dulcet tones.

2 Replies to “Journal of Self-Promotion”

  1. Well done, sir, well done.
    By the way, this morning I heard a host-type guy on OPB, encouraging us to donate our cars to the station, say: “Clear that old car off your driveway, gain a tax break and help OPB – all in one foul swoop.” Or maybe he meant “fowl”…

  2. I’ve got chills! Didn’t know you had such a great radio voice. Made me want to cancel my shopping basket and run down to the corner book store…sort of.

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