1951 Buick

It’s a Buick Roadmaster Deluxe. For sale for $4,000 if you’re looking for a project. It’s been parked at various spots around Mariposa and Alabama streets, a couple blocks from where I ply the radio news editor trade, for at least a month. (Those stacks in the background of the top photo–I’ve been looking at them for the last year and I haven’t yet investigated what defunct local manufacturing operation they might have been part of.)



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  1. The first car I remember my mom having was a green 1953 Buick that looked a lot like this one. Not as much chrome on ours, though. I think he/she might have to drop that price a little bit.

  2. It’s a nice-looking car. A bit aged with the rust at the top, but that can’t be helped. That Buick’s style is still intact despite its age. It’s pretty cool and amusing that the car has the same color as the road.

  3. “A bit aged”? Yes, “Tari,” it’s seen better days. The car’s still for sale, last I looked, if anyone at the Ray Skillman Northeast Buick dealership or any other Indianapolis-area comment spammers are interested.

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