Usurpations and Abuses


Corner of Vine and Walnut (in front of the Friends meetinghouse, across the street from a Mormon church, diagonally across from the being-refurbished original location of Peet’s Coffee–home of Berkeley’s one true religion).  

The nailed-up candy heart got our attention first. Then the “long train of usurpations and abuses” flyer.

2 Replies to “Usurpations and Abuses”

  1. I walked by that corner almost every day without realizing it was a Friends’ Meeting House. In fact, I had wondered why Berkeley doesn’t have a Friends school. My only guess was that Berkeley had enough similarly-flavored alternatives so that in Berkeley a Friends school seems unexceptional.
    One more thing: I didn’t go often tot hat peets, but I thought the original Peets was down Vine somewhere closer to your house.

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