The Clinton Speech

Watching her speak at KQED over C-SPAN’s feed. Hell of a speech number one. Especially her asking her delegates whether they were in the race for her … or for all the things she want to stand for. The C-SPAN pictures are wonderful. So many of the women in the crowd look like they are hanging on every single world. Many of them are near tears and look almost stricken. If anyone can rally them, though, it’s this woman talking to them right now. There was a quick cutaway to Bill Clinton where he looked so proud and happy he might break down.

My mom–my mom would have loved to see this.

4 Replies to “The Clinton Speech”

  1. I was quite moved by Clinton’s speech. Looking at the women in the crowd, I thought of mom dressed in her white duds joining other women for an ERA rally back in the 80s.

  2. It was a great speech. Really a fantastic candidate. You’re right about MB…she would have loved it. Hope Barak builds on the momentum. I reckon he is up to the challenge. We’ll see on Thursday. I also look forward to hearing Biden.

  3. The commentators can go on with their speculation about whether “her heart is really in it” and they can warble that she probably wants Obama to lose so she can go for it in 2012. Yeah right and whatever. What I know is what I’ve seen: The woman has done EVERYTHING that could be asked of rival who lost so narrowly and painfully. I voted Obama, but I’m sure glad Hillary is on our side.

  4. Pete: I voted Obama as well–in the NY primary–and my wife voted for Clinton. Even at that time we felt we couldn’t lose in this primary election. I have to say that while she has pissed me off on occasion I still have great admiration for her and sincerely feel she would be a good president. So far she is the class of this convention.

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