Snapped this while driving through downtown Spokane, Washington, at about 10 in the morning on June 23 with my friend Pete. You can count eight clearly visible contrails here, and the remains of possibly two more. I don’t know what accounts for the jet traffic over Spokane, though Seattle is in the direction most of these appeared to be headed. (I meant to post this ages ago, but am just getting around to it now because of a “thar’s strange things afoot in yonder sky”:comment made on a post elsewhere.)

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  1. Watched some video from a trip to Tahoe last November and was reminded of how many contrails we saw up there. It was similarly remarkable.

  2. There’s actually a lot of jet traffic over Spokane going as you said, straight to Seattle from the east. Airliners from Chicago, Minneapolis, NY, and Boston all usually fly over Spokane that starts the arrival into SEA.
    JetBlue pilot

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