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Berkeley’s full of lost pet posters, mostly homemade jobs stapled to telephone poles. A year or two ago, a family that had recently moved to the neighborhood hired a pet detective agency to post very professional flyers calling attention to their missing cat, Gracie. The posters offered a large reward. Several weeks after the announcements appeared on 15 or 20 blocks near us, a house nearby had a handwritten note posted on a gate: Gracie had turned up at a house nearby and had been returned home. That instance sticks out, but for the most part, you stop noticing the flyers or paying much attention to them.

This one’s different. Kate called my attention to it. It’s lost pet announcement as social and environmental commentary (I think I mentioned recently that Berkeley seems to be teeming with wildlife). Entertaining.

[The text: Our tiny, precious kitty, Tinkerbell, is LOST. Can you help us find her? She purrs, chirps, eats kitty grass, loves to be stroked, and if she really likes you, she will sit in your lap — all 120 pounds of her (she’s SUCH a tiny kitty). She has been with us ever since the bambi dears started overpopulating. warbuddy@earthlink.net]

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  1. Lost Pet as guerrilla theater–I love it. This works on so many subversive levels, first and foremost because it is camouflaged among all the other lost pet posters.

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