Chow Plant


The building is on Murray Street in southwesternmost Berkeley. The faded lettering is visible from Ashby Avenue, one of the three or four most heavily traveled streets in town. I see via Flickr that other local curiosity-seeking shutterbugs have taken notice of this place; it looks like it’s an artist’s space now now. Unresolved, at least for me, is whether the Hygenic Dog Food Co. ever existed. The signs–this one in the front, another on the east side of the building–look a little too deliberately workmanlike and picturesque not to be someone’s project. The building with the barred windows looks like a candidate for someone’s indie film prison facade, too. The Infospigot Bureau of Investigation will get right on this one.

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  1. “Hygenic” sounds like something someone might name a dog food company now but not so much in the past. I agree with you. Something not quite right about this.

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