Powerful Vacuum Cleaner


Left on the sidewalk out by Ohlone Park for the lucky passerby: a Hoover upright featuring so many little gizmos, features, slogans and claims it ought to be able to clean up Baghdad all by itself:

  • Self Propelled (note to Hoover: use the hyphen next time)
  • Premium
  • Wind Tunnel Technology (accompanied by image of cyclone for dramatic emphasis)
  • Bag Check Indicator
  • “Picks up more dirt than any other clean-air upright” (Hoover: that hypen’s a good one)
  • Green and red lights labeled “clean” and “dirty” respectively
  • “Carpet is Clean When Light Is Green”
  • Embedded Dirt FINDER
  • WindTunnel by Hoover
  • Mach 6.9
  • Patented Windtunnel

This machine looks like it’s survived a few IED attacks, or at least confrontations with pets that gnawed on its attachments. I like the accompanying Post-it note that explains: “Powerful Vacuum Cleaner/needs new belts & cleaning.”

This Berkeley habit of leaving spent vacuum cleaners out on the sidewalk–it’s starting to grow on me.


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3 Replies to “Powerful Vacuum Cleaner”

  1. I’m not making this up — just seconds ago Cindy asked me what kind of vac we had. I told her and she said, “everyone at work said the Hoover Wind Tunnel is the best.”

  2. Interesting. I just noticed that this the the prior one both have helpful sticky notes attached. There’s something important about this. What, I’m not sure.

  3. I’ve heard about this all the way in Maryland. Coldly abandoned, left on the street to fend for themselves, no hope of redemption. “San Francisco values”, that’s our name for it. I’m calling O’Reilly.

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