Big O


This morning, from Chavez Park on the Berkeley waterfront, via my phone camera. I was down there with The Dog after dropping Kate off to catch the train to Sacramento. After the sun rose, this big smoke-ring-like thing was visible over the city, drifting south with all the other mornng clouds. Yes, those are steam plumes rising from west Berkeley, but they didn’t appear to have anything to do with the cloud overhead. Between this apparition and the Eugene contrails the other day, I’m getting ready for the next part of the message.

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3 Replies to “Big O”

  1. It’s a contrail from Air Farce One. Who else goes around in circles like that? Probably just staying airborne to avoid talking to the (mainstream)press about Scooter Libby. There, I knew I could parlay that photo into a comment about our CEO.

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