Monday Dribblings

Search of the day from the infospigot visitor logs: “How to stop a drippy spigot.” People have wondered that for years.

Leslie Griffith Watch: Or non-watch. Matier and Ross, the San Francisco Chronicle’s news/gossip duo, are onto Griffith’s disappearance from the air (her last show, according to transcripts, was the 5 p.m. news on August 22). M&R don’t get to the bottom of The Vanishing, but they quote the station’s general manager as saying Griffith is on “short-term” leave that has been extended to October 27 (a Friday, for what it’s worth).

Indigenous Peoples Day: That’s Berkeleyese for Columbus Day, which isn’t until Thursday, but let’s be flexible. If I see one–an indigenous person–I’m going to at least say hi.

Today’s worst-sounding ailment: Toxic megacolon.

Tomorrow’s health adventure: This.

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