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Blufr: I can see this getting old very fast, but it’s a semi-addictive social trivia site. I say “social” because apparently visitors submit the true/false statements that you’re asked to vote “way” or “no way” on (some of the questions are pretty lame, I admit. Mine, of course, was brilliant: Of the four assassinated U.S. presidents, only Abraham Lincoln died in Washington, D.C.” Way? Or Now way? The answer at the “read more” link below).

I said I can see this getting old. But ‘m embarrassed to say how long I spent on this and how many questions I clicked on. Ridiculous.

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Way. Only Lincoln died in Washington. James A. Garfield was shot in Washington but died in Elbberon (now Long Branch), New Jersey. William McKinley was shot while visiting Buffalo, New York, and died there. Do I need to give the JFK details?

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