There’s a story that goes with the picture, really. But not for telling now — too tired after another hard ride, and a long drive to and from Central California on top of that. But the dog — he’s at our house. The picture is from a stop we made at a park down in Santa Clara County on the way north. The rest will wait. But I will say this animal’s arrival in our lives makes me want to re-read the Paul Auster novel “Timbuktu.”

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  1. Hey, I just came accross this while searching for something on google.
    The dog you found looks EXACTLY like my dogs Denver and Ombree, they’re brothers. The picture of them isn’t that good, because i can never get them to stay in one spot together for very long.
    So, I was just wondering where you found Scout. and how old he is and what not. I wouldn’t be suprised if he was one of Denver & Ombrees 5 other siblings.

  2. Wow — they do look similar. We found Scout in Central California, on wild rangeland about 50 miles west of Bakersfield; we were told that lots of dogs are abandoned out there.
    Now … doing a little sleuthing myself, I came across a picture in your photo album of “Brookfield Cemetery/Founded 1864.” And another picture of someone reading a Canadian paper. Putting those two things together, I’m guessing you’re in Nova Scotia (at least the cemetery is!). Seems like a long shot that our dogs are related — unless you moved out there from California (and of course, my guess could be wrong!).

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