Coming Attractions


“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

–Sinclair Lewis, “It Cant Happen Here,” (1935)


On the marquee of Oakland’s Grand Lake Theatre, whose owners are given to displaying extracurricular messages. Kate spotted it during the past week, and we drove over after midnight this morning to take a picture.

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5 Replies to “Coming Attractions”

  1. As the Lion in the Wizard of OZ said, “Ain’t it da truuuth!?… Ain’t it da truuuth!?”
    When I hear guys like Bill Frist, a Harvard trained physician, talk about creationism and the “brain activity” of Terri Schiavo, I have to conclude there is more at work here than a scientist denying everything he’s been taught over the years. Tom Delay’s rush to hide–during his present legal travails–in the shadows of christers has been pretty entertaining to watch as well. The one thing which gives me pause is that fascism and religion offer very similar forms of comfort to their believers, the most outstanding that they allow people an opportunity to stop thinking.

  2. Believer brain activity is represented best by the upsurge in applause when The Rockettes start to kick in unison. Safe, obedient unison.

  3. Thanks for the quote, DB.
    I disagree with Lydell, though.
    Surrendering to a vision is not, in itself, a bad idea. I think the problem of the left is precisely that so many of our members see compromise as capitulation. Maybe one of the Rockettes would rather have her own show, but surrendering to the director’s view for a few years and learning how to atune yourself to others’ movements is a good skill to have. Helping to create something greater than the self is also a hugely gratifying experience – especially when people appreciate it and show their enthusiasm.

  4. All true. But my starting point–Herds Will Be Herds–often proves to be the finishing point as well, with the applauders (Dan? Is that a word?) more frightening than the kickline. Too many were born to follow. Something. Anything.

  5. Actually, I know a few Rockettes. They are pretty amazing, from a lot of different backgrounds and places. They are usually really tall and are great dancers…athletes really, doing four or five shows a day during Christams. Frankly, the show is a is a lowest common denominator tourist magnet…not all that great, but I do have to say these dancers are, most certainly, easy on the eyes. All that said Lydell, I know what you mean…herds will be herds. And the above quote by Sinclair Lewis is so sharp…especially today. I’ve used it several times this week.

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