It’s raining again this afternoon. Off the top of my head, the last day it didn’t rain here was Christmas Eve. It rained every day for a week before that. Up till then, we’d been having a dry December; a dry fall, for that matter. It’s not unusual during our Decembers, Januarys and Februarys to get 10 or 11 or 12 or 14 wet days in a row. What seems a little unusual about the current one is how much rain we’ve gotten. As carefully but unofficially extracted from the UC Berkeley weather station data:

December 17: .41 inches

December 18: 2.33 [Berkeley Flood Terror]

December 19: .18

December 20: .15

December 21: .69

December 22: .81

December 23: .01

December 24 [Ark comes to rest, rainbow and dove appear, etc.]

December 25: .74

December 26: .35

December 27: .23

December 28: .61

December 29: .01

December 30: .94

December 31: 1.51

January 1: .47

January 2: .55

That’s a total of 10.07 inches in the last 17 days (not exceptional during the current storm cycle; my friend Pete told me about one location on the ridge to the west of the Napa Valley that may have gotten 30 inches for the month of December). The total today, Day 18, is .07. So far. The forecast for tomorrow. Dry.

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