Luminaria ’05: Pregame Report


First of all, about the weather: Maybe it does pay to whine about it the way I’ve been doing lately. Today was mostly clear and what I’d have to call balmy: A high of 69 this afternoon. So much for our December gloom (while we await the next three storms the weathercasters say are lined up well across the dateline to dump on us).

Second: The surrounding blocks were all out early this afternoon setting out their luminaria bags for what has become — see last year’s posts — a big neighborhood event. There are about 25 or so contiguous blocks, stretching about half a mile from north to south and from east to west at the widest points — where I saw families running around doing their set up.


Here on Holly Street, we’re the confirmed laggards. All the other blocks look like they’ll be lit up by 6:30 or 7 at the latest. We won’t even have our luminaria set up by then.


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  1. Wish we were there for Luminaria ’05. Looking forward to seeing it il”LUMIN”ated. We saw Dawn’s eighteen year old niece dance in The Nutcracker in Cincinnati. Hey, she was really good and it was a serious production,huge theatre,big crowd, live orchestra…the whole schmeer. Anyway, will send more from Chicago. JB

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