Cruelest Irony

ESPN’s Stuart Scott and Neil Everett go way deep on the death of the son of Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy:

Everett (opening SportsCenter): Death always comes too early … or too late. Alongside Stuart Scott, I’m Neil Everett.

Scott: In an instant, Tony Dungy trying to game plan against a team he might well see in the Super Bowl but in a meaningless regular season game Christmas Eve becomes meaningless itself.

Cruel irony — all season long we’ve been prophesizing when the Indianapolis Colts would lose, and when they finally did lose and failed to become just the second team ever to open fourteen and oh, we discussed how that loss might affect them, never contemplating that a real loss hits harder than anything on a football field.

If I thought there was a remote chance that ESPN or any other broadcast outlet might be moved to say something on the air about my passing — or, hell, anything about me, period — I think I’d consider a pre-emptive payment to get the enterprising journos to do a story on the local hamster overpopulation problem or something else that might be within their abilities. Anything to avoid a TV eulogy.

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