Obligatory White Sox Post

One sort of obvious statistical things I haven’t heard the broadcast guys talk about is the long roll the White Sox are on. Going back to the last week of the regular season, they’re now 13 out of 14, the only loss coming at home to the Angels in the first game of the second round. The run includes a sweep of the Indians, who had looked like they might be ready to overtake the Sox; a sweep of the Red Sox in the first round; and the 4-1 rout of the Angels. All this from a team that had gone into free fall after the first week of September (losing 10 of 14 at one point and with a record of 7-12 for the 19 games before they learned how to win again).

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  1. Just saw the end of game 2. What a great thing for Chicago. I mean, it won’t particulrly change anything, anywhere, but it is fun to see a World Series in Chicago…going Chicago’s way. When was the last time a Chicago team won two in a row in the Series? Or even two games in the Series? Not 1959. Not 1945. Dan? Lydell? JB here.

  2. The Sox won two, but not in a row, in ’59 against the Dodgers.
    The Cubs series against the Tigers went seven. The Cubs won games 1, 3 and 6.
    So the last time a Chicago club won two in a row in the World Series was … get ready … 1919, the Black Sox year, when the Comiskeys took games 6 and 7 of a scheduled nine-game Series (it was an experiment). The Reds won game 8 to win the Series 5-3.
    The 1917 Sox won two in a row twice in beating the Giants 4-2.
    And now for the Cubs: after winning four of five from the Tigers in 1908, the Cubs played in seven more World Series; in losing all of them, they went to the limit only in 1945; they were swept twice (’32 and ’38, Yankees); lost 4-1 twice (’10 and ’29, A’s); lost 4-2 twice (’18, Red Sox, and ’35, Tigers).
    Them were the glory years.

  3. Yes, I guess the Sox won one in LA…in ’59? I got under the impression they won the opener in Chicago and were swept after that. Shows my knowledge of Chicago baseball. As you have heard, I saw the Sox play in ’59…with Dad and Uncle Dick. They had the exploding scoreboard, which did go off while we were there. It had to have been an April game or a cold day in May. It was cold! After that we went back to South May Street and saw the crew over there.

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