Omedeto, Ea-chan

Tomorrow’s the 26th anniversary of the day I became a dad. Let me tell you, I didn’t know nothin’ about nothin’, and there are many moments when I wonder how far, except in years, I’ve come since then.

Another way of looking at October 10 is that it’s Eamon’s birthday — the climax of the events that transformed me from non-dad to dad. So hey, Eamon: Happy birthday! (O tanjobi omedeto gozaimasu!).

3 Replies to “Omedeto, Ea-chan”

  1. Thanks Dad! Congratulations on the 26th anniversary of you becoming a dad. Here it is a holiday. Ironically, PE day, considering I never really enjoyed that class. So I am home today. Hope tomorrow is a good day for you too.

  2. Happy Birthday to you Eamon. 10/10. Yeah, I do remember. On that day, it was my Uncle Bill who told me that you were born. He and I were talking on the telephone. I guess he must have called me, jumping the gun on my mother’s phonecall, which came shortly thereafter. Hope you are well. Best to Sakura. JB

  3. Eamon, Happy Birthday. It is so hard to believe that 26 years have already gone by. I remember your first visit to Oakhill Drive, and I was parading you on my shoulders out on Oakhill for the world to see. My First Grandchild! I don’t think that I have the strength or stamina to do that with you anymore. Is it that, or have you grown taller? Anyway, Happy Birthday again, and love to Sakura. Love. Gramps

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