Birth of a Trend


Another orphan vacuum cleaner has appeared on a local street corner. Kate and I were walking over to the Berkeley Jazzschool last night to hear Tom’s friend Sam play when we encountered this well-care-for Bissell upright at the corner of Holly and Cedar. Of course, our minds went back immediately to the lonely Spanish-speaking vacuum cleaner abandoned a few months ago a few blocks away. One more of these, and we have a trend on our hands.

Sam’s concert was great, by the way.

3 Replies to “Birth of a Trend”

  1. This is the city: Berkeley, California. My name’s Friday. And I believe in neatness. The boss is Suzie Homemaker. My partner’s Felix Unger. We were working the daywatch out of Housekeeping when the call came in: “Bissell unconscious at Holly and Cedar.” Not again! It looked like the dust bunnies wanted to play rough… Maybe we’d have to play a little rougher. (Cue music)

  2. One thing I’m not going to stand for is mainland cops trampling our turf. Dan-o, get out there and pick up that Bissell before Friday and Unger get there. I want Che and the lab boys to go through that vacuum cleaner bag. I smell Wo Fat, and I want to know what his game is. Chin, go down to Waialoa Street and see if any of the hopheads know what’s going on. Kono, I want you to tail Friday. If he gets any ideas, you know what to do. And Herman Wedeeyer as Duke, I want you to canvass every appliance store in the islands for anything suspicious

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