Day 214

August 1st. Almost done. Day in review:

The 214th day of the year. Roughly. So: 141 to go. This year.

Up early. Morning routine. Purposeful avoidance. Pull out the sports page, a quick look at what I’ve already heard, seen, thought about. Then check the weather page, reduced to empty columns of highs and lows, a map sketching a something that might stir: an afternoon thunderstorm somewhere. Baseball and meteorology checked off the list. Glance at the rest — the bomb anniversary coming up. More to take in later.

Then eventually to work. Words — the life of the law school. A walk for lunch in mid-afternoon. Coffee and something to eat I don’t need. Back at my desk and more words. The office empties, I get on to the story of Emmett Till — another anniversary.

Then eventually back home. Walking. Clear, still warm enough I don’t need a jacket, in bright sunlight all the way to the last corner turning and up the street.

Back again tomorrow.

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