Pneumothorax, the Sequel

The latest on Eamon’s collapsed lung is this: I talked to Sakura about midnight Monday, Pacific time (about 4 p.m. Tuesday, Tokyo time). Eamon’s doctor recommended a surgical procedure — something like arthroscopic surgery, carried out with a probe — to repair the lining surrounding the lungs and thus prevent a recurrence of this episode. Sakura, who was at the hospital with her mom (who had traveled down from their family home in Ibaraki prefecture, north of Tokyo), said the doctor told her everything went fine. Eamon was still knocked out when we spoke. It will probably be a while before we speak directly, because there are no phones in his hospital room, and apparently the hospital forbids using cellphones in the rooms, too. His only telecommunications option is to go to a public phone elsewhere in the hospital, but apparently he’s been in too much pain to get to it so far.

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  1. Dan, I spoke with Ann and from all you write and she has told me it appears all will be fine with Eamon. Patty and I both wish him a speedy recovery and keep you all in our thoughts.

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