Flag Day, the Quiz

I just got my first American flag lapel pin in the mail, the result of having contributed some dough to the USO over the holidays. Now the USO wants more money so that the troops will know we love them even though we keep sending them off to Crazyworld (don’t worry — I’ll cheer up about that one of these years). So they sent me an American flag lapel pin. It’ll make a great conversation piece among future generations of Brekkes: “I don’t remember him ever wearing anything like this.” Or maybe not.

In any case, the lapel pin arrived virtually on the eve of Flag Day. The demi-holiday is nearly past, but it’s not too late to exercise some flag aptitude. Try:

–The Christian Science Monitor’s flaq quiz; it comes with a dollop of Flag Day trivia, too.

–The University of Saskatchewan’s Flags of North America Quiz.

–For serious U.S. flag geeks only: American Vexillum Magazine’s all-flag quiz. (You may reasonably ask, what in the world is a vexillum? To find the answer, read about vexillology.

–For deep, unguided flag browsing, see the Flags of the World’s international flag index.

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