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In an unexpected turn of events, I’ve just been hired for a public-affairs position at the University of California’s law school, Boalt Hall. What’s unexpected is that two weeks ago, I didn’t even know this job was out there. But taking a look at the university’s job listings the Saturday before last, I noticed an opening for a senior writer doing media relations and development (fund-raising) work at Boalt. I posted my resume online and heard back pretty much immediately. A couple of interviews and several reference calls later, I got the job. I’m both excited and a little amazed; not that I was hired, because I’m not a complete bum; but because it happened so fast. Anyway, it’s going to be an intellectually challenging experience — the school’s dean, Christopher Edley Jr., is a recent Harvard transplant who has big plans on every front (expanding the school, for instance, hiring more faculty, and launching initiatives like the new Berkeley Civil Rights Project (a cousin of the project he started at Harvard in 1996). It ought to be pretty interesting to be close to the middle of all that. I start next Wednesday, and I’m going to walk to work.

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  1. I glanced quickly thinking this was the previous post I’d read earlier and wondered why Marie was so happy you made $75. (I was too. You earned it. Still….) But now that clarity has prevailed, Marie is right. Great new it is. Who knows how close you were getting to a game show/soap opera habit? (It presents unexpectedly.) Wash behind your ears and don’t ask the boss if your PF Flyers are deductible. At least not right away.

  2. Hey Dad,
    That’s cool. No chance you have any extra pull in the graduate admission’s process I guess, huh? 🙂 I can imagine it is a bit of a change but that working at an instituition like Berkeley will have plenty to keep it interesting.

  3. Light of day. Next day. So….you’re working for an Arnie, just like Chris?

  4. Hey Dan, congrats! Sounds like a great/fun/interesting gig. Your commute won’t suck, either. Will this cut into your blogging time? Does this mean you can get me into law school if I want to go?

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