This Day in ’87


I will leave recounting all the events of this day 18 years ago to my memoirs (not in stores yet, but it could happen any decade now). But let it be recorded that on March 3, 1987 — before the World Wide Web or MP3s or DVDs or TiVo; before emo, but after Led Zeppelin and The Clash; back when Saddam Hussein was still a good guy, the Berlin Wall was still standing, and Dutch still had most of his marbles; back when Barry Bonds had just 16 career home runs and before Michael Jordan had made it to the second round of the playoffs — yes, let it be recorded that on that day Tom Brekke was born (he’s expressed a preference for "Thom" lately, but I still haven’t made the transition).

As of today, he can vote, buy smokes legally (he pointed that out), be charged as an adult (he pointed that out), enlist in the armed forces, and sign up for the Selective Service System. And lots more that I’m not thinking of, I’m sure.

Anyway, T(h)om B., happy birthday from your pop.

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  1. Wow…seems like yesterday that I was watching Tom spill a bowl of Cheerios on your table, back in your old apartment on ‘whatever street’ in Berkeley. He was eight months old back then and I was on one of my Christmas or Thanksgiving trips to California. Dan handled the clean-up with a sponge and typical Brekke aplomb (draw your own conclusions about this last statement). Young Tom was unflappable through it all and seems that way today. Congratulations to T(h)om and never miss a chance to vote (Democratic). JB

  2. John, that was probably Thanksgiving in ’87 you’re talking about. As to aplomb, yeah, I don’t think we had to file a police report, so what’s the big deal?

  3. IT was Thanksgiving of 1987. Mary and I were, and we all spent it at Larry and Ursala’s. Thom was 8 months, and you, Dan, had told us that Thom was walking. I thought to myself, “Yeah Sure”.Get to Larry’s.Here comes thiscute,little kid walking out with everyone else to greet us. A sight I’ll never forget. Dad

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